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The STREPCO approach to practical Therapy

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Studied psychology and don’t know how to proceed next?

We can help you to make your dreams come true; if you are a people helper in your heart but don’t know how to reach your goals. We have a solution! 

We offer you a practical counselling course, building a bridge between the academic knowledge you already acquired and applying it in a practical situation with clients. 

We will also enable you to register with the CCSA/ASCHP. We also offer you support when you start your own practice.

The total cost of the course is R11900  For more info require at
. To enrol and book your place complete and forward the registration form as well as proof of payment of the  R900,00 registration fee. The balance is payable before or when the course start.

Course Dates for 2020:
23 Mar to 3 Apr
22 Jun to 3 Jul
21 Sep to 2 Oct

The STREPCO-course is now also available as an online course

You can now do our STREPCO-course as an online course as well.
To attend the class on the dates above is still an option, but if impossible to attend and you wanted to do this course for a long time, it is now possible to do it online.

Total course: Eight modules
To register: Any time during the year
The cost per module is R2800 and you can pay per module, complete the one module and then move on to the next one.
Students that have attended the STREPCO-course could enrol for any module of their choice at any time.

Outline of the online course:
Module one: Introduction and structure and planning of sessions
Module two: Different therapeutic approaches and therapeutic tools (Trauma, TA, Narrative)
Module three: Profiles (Weight, depression, anxiety, molestation, abuse)
Module four: Different therapeutic approaches and therapeutic tools 2 (Cognitive, EAT, Reality, Behaviorism)
Module five: Working with children
Module six: Relationship therapy
Module seven: Structure and planning of therapeutic process
Module eight: Introduction to non-traditional approaches (Choose 1; art counselling, pastoral counselling, sex therapy)

Practical work, assessment, supervision and video material will all be included.
You will receive a certificate after completion of all the modules.

At completion of the STREPCO course you will receive a Helios certificate.

Bank details: Helios
Account Name: Helios
Bank: Nedbank
Branch code: 
Account number: 

Program covered by the course:

Day Topic
Day 1 Introduction to / facilitation of counselling
  How to approach the client
Day 2 Structure and planning 1/Weight
Day 3 Children's drawings / Projective tests
  Transactional analysis
Day 4 Feedback to parents/Combined families
  Childhood redefining deductive therapy
Day 5 Depression / Narrative / Emotional analytic therapy
  Sexual molestation
Day 6 Cognitive therapy
Day 7 Play therapy
Day 8 Imago
  Relationship dynamics / Sex therapy
Day 9 Structure & Planning2
  Therapeutic interventions: assessment
Day 10 Therapeutic interventions: assessment
  Therapeutic interventions: assessment

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