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The STREPCO approach to practical Therapy (Long course)

Buy the book ‘The Strepco-approach to therapy: A study guide for psychology and counselling students to practical client therapy.”

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Studied psychology and don’t know how to proceed next?

We can help you to make your dreams come true; if you are a people helper in your heart but don’t know how to reach your goals. We have a solution!

We offer you a practical counselling course, building a bridge between the academic knowledge you already acquired and applying it in a practical situation with clients.

We will also help you (if you want) to register with the Council for Counsellors, and the Health Professional council (you have to adhere to the requirements of these councils for us to be able to help you.) We also offer you support when you start your own practice.

The total cost of the course is R10900 (R10000 plus a non-refundable registration fee of R900,00). To enrol and book your place complete and forward the registration form as well as proof of payment of the  R900,00 registration fee. The balance is payable before or when the course start. You can pay with a cheque, cash or make an internet transfer into our bank account, see details below. If you do the ten month course you can pay over ten months, provided that you give us proof of a stop order that you signed. The cost will then be R900 registration fee and R1000-00 x 10 monthly instalments.

At completion of the course you will receive a Helios certificate. To ensure accuracy of your details on the certificate kindly supply us with a clear copy of your ID. Also include your postal address written on this page to ensure delivery to the correct address.

Please Contact us via telephone or e-mail ( if you have any questions.

Kind regards
Lorette Dye

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STREPCO Long Course Schedule Feb2017 - Nov2017

Note: This long course have been discontinued and will not be presented in 2018.

Date Day Time Topic
18 February 2017 Saturday 09h00-13h00 Introduction to / facilitation of counselling
    14h00-16h00 How to approach the client
25 March 2017 Saturday 09h00-13h00 Structure and planning 1/Weight
    14h00-16h00 Emotional intelligence/Transactional model
22 April  2017 Saturday 09h00-13h00 Holistic approach to relationships/Behaviorism
    14h00-16h00 Children's drawings / Projective tests
20 May 2017 Saturday 09h00-13h00 Feedback to parents/Combined families
    14h00-16h00 Childhood redefining deductive therapy/ Depression
10 June 2017 Saturday 09h00-13h00 Narrative / Emotional analytic therapy
    14h00-16h00 Sexual molestation
22 July 2017 Saturday 09h00-13h00 Trauma / Aids counselling
    14h00-16h00 Cognitive therapy
19 August 2017 Saturday 09h00-13h00 Play therapy
    14h00-16h00 Teenagers (Therapy/Drugs/Sex/Rebellion)
16 September 2017 Saturday 09h00-13h00 Imago
    14h00-16h00 Relationship dynamics
14 October 2017 Saturday 09h00-13h00 Sex therapy / Structure & Planning2
    14h00-16h00 Therapeutic interventions: assessment
18 November 2017 Saturday 09h00-13h00 Therapeutic interventions: assessment
    14h00-16h00 Therapeutic interventions: assessment

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