Counselling as a profession is relatively new in the South African context. The counsellors involved at HELIOS COUNSELLING SERVICES are registered with the CCSA/ACHP and submits to their ethical code and constitution. On the grounds of our experience and qualifications we can offer a comprehensive service and training to people interested in living their purpose as counsellors.

Lorette Dye






  Lorette has a Masters degree in Psychology. She also attained a Diploma in Pastoral Theology from The Andrew Murray Bible school and a Minister’s Diploma from All Africa school of Theology. She has also completed her Degree in Creative Writing. She is a registered member of the Council of Counsellors of South Africa. she is registered with the Health Professional Council as a registered counsellor in private practice.

Lorette has proven herself as a successful counsellor in private practice on a multitude of areas. She is also a well qualified lecturer with experience in counselling and theological subjects. She is involved in training of post graduate students relating to the practical side of counselling. She is a co-presenter for a counselling programme on radio, 90.5FM Rippel and writes regular articles and a monthly column for Finesse Magazine. She has written and published several books. Lorette is an eloquent public speaker and has distinguished herself as an oil paint artist.

She sees her purpose as:” Creating an environment for growth in people’s lives”

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