Always wanted to work with children?
Always dreamed of working for yourself?
Become a STEER facilitator and work for yourself helping children that battle in school.

Training includes:

Learn how to market yourself and run your own business

Our STEER training is now ONLINE and consist of four modules plus a one-week class to attend (Referred to as Module 5). (With an optional 6th module that only focuses on working with children 5-9).

There are two ways of registering:
   1. Go to:
   2. For our South African students; you can alternatively register here and pay for each module via EFT and the module will be send to you vie email. (Your study mentor will make contact with you as soon as you have registered.)

You will have the choice to complete the course by only doing the online modules as attending the class will be optional. (You will still be recognized as a STEER-facilitator and be able to market yourself and work as such, working with children that battle in school.)
The total cost is R24 000 for South African student and have to be paid in full before you can attend the class.
However, if you choose to do the online modules first (and attend the class either later or not at all) you can pay for each module separately as you progress through the course.
For our South African students the cost per module will be R 4 500

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