"The impact the Helios course for counsellors had on me

The initial one year course gave me insight into a wide range of relationship problems and knowledge as to how I can be of help in a therapeutic way. The two day course in Emotional Analytical Therapy forced me to look at everything I had managed to bury so deeply that I could even convince myself that I am fine. It also showed me that I was being so understanding of others’ behaviour that I totally denied myself my own rights and perceptions.

The course has definitely empowered me and I am now in a better position to help myself and others, both on a personal level and professionally. Not only do I have more self-confidence, but I certainly believe more in the effectiveness of the various tests and forms of therapy. If it could shatter my own defences it can certainly do the same for others.

As a result of the effect the course had on me personally, I was in the privileged position to experience how a good therapist should handle such devastating emotional experiences of a client. Thank you Lorette, nobody has ever handled my soul with such care. I will trust you with it any day.

Deodi Yiannou"

"Ek weet nie eers waar om te begin nie…

Die jaar het so vinnig verbygegaan! Voel soos gister wat my paadjie hier by julle (en Helios) begin het!

Ek wil net graag baie baie dankie sę vir alles wat julle vir my gedurende die jaar vir my gedoen en beteken het. Ek het die jaar verskriklik baie geniet en so baie gegroei – in dit wat ek doen, of altans in dit wat ek wil doen. – maar meer nog: in myself as mens.

Ek weet nie hoe sę ek dankie daarvoor nie! Deur julle kon ek myself ontdek en ontwikkel. Baie, baie dankie daarvoor! Julle maak so groot verskil!

My heel mooiste en beste wense vergesel julle in die jaar wat voorlę!

Hou aan om te doen presies wat julle doen!

Van: Su-Marie de Klerk (Afrikaanse klas 2005)"

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